Naturetape® P SA -a SUSTAINABLE self-adhesive Teartape made of Kraft Paper

A sustainable teartape with a Natural rubber based self-adhesive coated on a Kraft Paper (70, 85 and the strongest of 165 gsm) in brown, printed red or white colours. The tape is 100% plastic-free, renewable and biodegradable. Ideal for easy opening aid for light (courier) envelopes and corrugated boxes. The tape can also be used in the box making industry as reinforcement tape and for fixing the edges for small cardboard boxes.

Naturetape® C SAa SUSTAINABLE self-adhesive Teartape made of Cellophane

A sustainable Natural rubber-based self-adhesive teartape made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials (cellulose based) : Naturetape® C, available in C31, C40 and C65 microns.

The teartape complies with the terms of compostability seed germination and disintegration as per ISO 17088:2021, ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

These compostable teartapes can be used for replacing the common used plastic (MOPP/PET) tapes, for confectionery, cigarettes, cigars, chocolates, tampons and e-commerce packages to get a plastic free packaging.

We offer a standard Naturetape® C and a Naturetape® C with a higher thickness.